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Spectrum Industries is the leading manufacturer of high quality cleaning, grading & sorting machinery for the food industry, based in Mangalore, India. Spectrum's commitment to customer care is total & its mission is to provide clients with high quality products that can support, transform their business and help them succeed.


We offer multi-functional Sorting Machine that comes as a great boon to the food processing industry. Equipped with high speed image processing system this sorter machine offers high speed image processing performance, timely data processing of massive information of color CCD image acquisition system.

In the final analysis this machine is a combination of various modes, which can accurately respond to different information, assuring optimum processing. In these color sorting machines the algorithm is specially created on the basis of shape and color of the product to be sorted.

Sorghum Sorter
Black Pepper Sorter
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Sunflower Seeds Sorter
Dehydrated Peas Sorter
Belt conveyor
Dehydrated Sweetcorn Sorter
Coffee Sorter
Split Black-Gram Sorter
Split Pigeon Peas Sorter
Gravity Separator
Pigeon Peas Sorter
White Pepper Sorter
Peeler Polisher
Dehydrated Garlic Flakes Sorter
White Beans Sorter
Vibro Cleaner
Split Polished Green-Gram Sorter
Monsooned Coffee Sorter
Vibro Grader
Onion Seeds Sorter;
Fenugreek Sorter
Vacuum De-Stoner
Polished Pigeon Peas Sorter
Pressure De-Stoner
Red Lentils Sorter
Coffee Huller
Split Red Lentils Sorter
Rotary airlock
Unhulled Sesame Seeds Sorter
Husker for pulses
7 Bar (100 PSI) Voltage: 230 V A.C.
230 V A.C.
15-50 Ltr/Sec (32-110 cfm) approx.
50 Hz.
Free of Water, Oil and Dirt
Roller feed machine
Three Way Scanning
Multi-mode scanning helps in all round viewing of beans or other grains and produces better quality product.
Hybrid Signal Conditioning
This enables quick and reliable signal processing.
Auto Nulling
Automatically adjusts itself against varying light intensity and changes in background.
Storage of operating data is done in non-volatile "NV" up to two years. This helps in evaluating the productivity of individual machines.
It can be connected to a central computer which can monitor the operation of multiple machines and also enables data transfer and storage.
Voltage Stabilization
Automatic built-in voltage stabilization and self generated neutral.
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sorgum sorter machines

Split Black Gram

Split Black Gram Sorter Machines

Split Polished Green Gram

Polished Green Gram Sorter Machine

Dehydrated Sweet Corn

Dehydrated Sweet Corn Sorter Machines

Red Lentils

Lentils Sorter Machine

White Rice

Rice Sorter Machine

Custom Design & Manufacture

We are a nationally recognized manufacturer of quality products from stand alone machines to complete plants for the food processing industry since 1991. We design and manufacture machines to customer specifications for different uses.

We have a dedicated in-house R&D department that spearheads developments in machine design and build quality. Our emphasis has always been on total customer satisfaction with continuous innovation. Today we are the leading manufacturer of seed cleaning and grading machines as well as Camera based Color Sorting Machines in India.

Superior Technology

All our products incorporate advanced features and innovative designs which make our machines quite versatile besides offering higher efficiency and consistency.

The S-4001 - makes better business sense

  • Better sort quality using advanced digital cameras with precision scanning.
  • Minimal loss of good product due to super fast pneumatic ejectors.
  • Inbuilt Statistical tools for storing scan / processing details.
  • High level of customisation with a GUI based interface to fine tune the machine to your individual processing requirements.
  • Minimal loss of good product due to super fast pneumatic ejectors.
  • Data Storage Options help you build up a database for future reference.
  • Multiple Product Sorting is possible with ease and with minimal changeover time.
  • User friendly interface with large TFT screen for ease of operation requiring minimal operator skills.
  • Flourescent lighting with advanced circuitry ensure uniform illumination, long life and stable operating temperatures.
  • Robust design with good build quality ensures reliable and consistent performance.
  • Minimal operational costs due to the use of quality components and low cost of replacement.
  • Back up Service is available online and onsite.
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Spectrum Industries

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